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79-800-5022 Motorolja Wolf 10W-40 B4, 1L 75 kr
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Olja10W40B4 - Motorolja Wolf 10W-40 B4, 1L - WOLF OIL CORPORATION NV - Motorolja

75 kr
Teknisk info Full synthetic Motor Oil. Viscosity 10W-40 B4
Dimension 1L Bottle.
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Type: Semi-synthetic; Viscosity: 10W40, Part Synthetic Oil; Oil Viscosity Classification SAE: 10W40. Manufacturer Approval, Specification: ACEA: A3/B3-10 ACEA: A3/B4-08 API: SL/CF MB: Approval 229.1 VW: 501 01 Level VW: 505 00 Level. APPLICATIONS Ideal for most gasoline and diesel engines - normally aspirated and supercharged. Particularly recommended for Direct Injection diesel engines - Common Rail, HDI, CDI, etc. Can be used all year round - thanks to its optimum viscosity index. 5L bottle = 79-800-5002
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