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79-800-5018 Motorolja Wolf 5W-40,1L 78 kr
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79-800-5018 - Motorolja Wolf 5W-40,1L - WOLF OIL CORPORATION NV - Motorolja

78 kr
Teknisk info Full synthetic Motor Oil. Viscosity 5W40.
Dimension 1L Bottle.
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Type: Synthetic; Viscosity: 5W40; Full Synthetic Oil; Oil Viscosity Classification SAE: 5W40. Manufacturer Approval, Specification: ACEA: A3/B4-12 API: SN/CF BMW: LONGLIFE-01 MB: 226.5 MB: 229.3 OPEL: GM-LL-B-025 PORSCHE: A40 PSA: B71 2296 RENAULT: RN 0700 RENAULT: RN 0710 VW: Approval 502.00 VW: Approval 505.00. APPLICATIONS: This oil is used in gasoline engines of cars, which meet the highest performance, and diesel engines of passenger cars with turbo and direct fuel injection. The high quality allows extended drain intervals, according to the specific requirements of manufacturers. For 5L Bottle = 79-800-5000
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