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79-800-5004 Motorolja Wolf 5W-30 C3, 5L 498 kr
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79-800-5004 - Motorolja Wolf 5W-30 C3, 5L - WOLF OIL CORPORATION NV - Motorolja

498 kr
Teknisk info Full synthetic Motor Oil. Viscosity 5W-30 C3.
Dimension 5L Bottle, 4.27kg.
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Type: Synthetic; Viscosity: 5W30; Full Synthetic Oil; Oil Viscosity Classification SAE: 5W30. Manufacturer Approval, Specification: ACEA: C3-12 API: SN/CF BMW: LONGLIFE-04 MB: 229.31 MB: 229.51 VW: 502 00 VW: 505 00 VW: 505 01 APPLICATIONS: Euro 4 and 5 gasoline and diesel engines of Mercedes Benz, Smart and Chrysler vehicles that are equipped with a DPF. Fully backwards compatible for engines of previous generations (Euro 1, 2, 3). For 1L Bottle = 79-800-5028
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